About Center

The Washington Center Introduction

The KITA Washington Center is committed to fostering Korea-U.S. for economic cooperation.
As the only private trade association representing Korea in greater Washington DC area, the KITA Washington Center tirelessly provides support to Korean companies in pioneering into the new market in the U.S.
In the face of rising issues regarding the trends of import control and policy regulation, such as anti-dumping and import regulations, our association focuses on assisting Korean business with thorough research and analysis for maintaining primal competitiveness in the global market.
We strategically respond to the trade environment changes as we seek to uphold the interest of KITA member companies in America at the forefront.
Furthermore, we are pursuing various projects/activities to strengthen our trade expansion and economic partnership of KORUS.
In our efforts to develop a favorable public view on Korea in the U.S., we are employing public relations for Korean economy as well as KORUS FTA effect we are engaging in outreach activities with American opinion leaders and grassroots advocacy movement.
We are also diligently working to build valuable relationships with many notable think tanks and economic organizations in the greater Washington DC area to discover and develop newly improved regulations and systems.
In order to further advance the interconnected global market, we are actively pursuing relationships with the U.S, congress and other government bodies while also forging into exchanging/sending economic cooperation delegation.
Additionally, the KITA Washington Center is proud to have been able to deliver monthly English Newsletter “KITA Washington Trade Update” covering the economic and market trends via email to thousands of our members in both Korea and America.
With our commitment for advancing the KORUS trade policy corporation, The KITA Washington DC will continue to focus on creating more global trade and investment opportunities for all related parties in the trade industry. Please feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns. We look forward to meeting/connecting with you.

The Washington Center Contact Information

Address : 1660 L ST NW Suite 601, Washington DC 20036
Main number : 202-828-9282
Fax : 202-828-9287
E-mail : dckita@kita.net